Archived Zoning Ordinances

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Change to V4.7

Public Hearing, February 4, 2016:
Public Hearing Notice
Public Hearing Agenda

Proposed Items for change, deletion, and/or addition:

Item 1Proposed Definition change of setbacks
Item 2Proposed Definition of campground and recreational unit
Item 3Proposed section VII.1.1 use regulations
Item 4Proposed Definition of site and plot plans
Item 5Proposed Procedures for Site Plan Requirements, Review, and Approval
Item 6Proposed Definition change of structure – add decks and fences

Past Zoning Ordinances

4/6/2013Official Zoning Ordinance Version 4.6
8/29/2012Official Zoning Ordinance Version 4.5
5/23/2011Official Zoning Ordinance Version 4.4a
9/9/2010Official Zoning Ordinance Version 4.4

5/4/2010Updates from Version 4.3 to Version 4.4

Public Hearing Notice for Publishing
Item1Commercial Property Project Permit
Item2Definition of Business Use
Item3Prohibit Street Vendors – Not Approved
Item4Site Plan Changes
Item5Rental Use Correction

9/5/2009 – Updates from Version 4.3 to Version 4.4 Reclined

Final Notice for Publishing
Public Hearing Notice for Publishing
Special Meeting Notice

Item 1 – Prohibit Vehicle Signage – Not Approved

6/26/2009 Official Zoning Ordinance Version 4.3

3/6/2009 Updates from Version 4.2 to Version 4.3

Zoning Ordinance Change Notice
Final Notice for Publishing
Public Hearing Notice for Publishing
Special Meeting Notice
Item 1Addition of Rental to Residence Use
Item 2Alterations to Site Plan and Consultant
Item 3Multiple Parcel Site Plan
Item 4Proof of Legal Non-Conform Lot
Item 5Business Parking Requirements

5/22/2008 Zoning Ordinance Version 4.2

Updates from Version 4.1 to Version 4.2

2/26/2008 Updates to Zoning Ordinance Version 4.2 Proposals

Item 2a
Item 3a
Item 4a

12/28/2007 Updates from Version 4.1 to Version 4.2

Public Hearing Notice – February 5, 2008
Special Meeting Notice– February 5, 2008
Final Notice for Publishing– February 5, 2008
Requirements for Notices– July 31, 2007

Item 1Definition of Residence
Item 2Section 5 Living Space
Item 3Definition of Mixed Use
Item 4MI Law Compliance changes
Item 5Rezone Glencraft Marina to Resort
Item 6Rezone Crystal Bend lots R3 to R2

4/15/2007 Zoning Ordinance Version 4.1

Updates from Version 4.0 to Version 4.1

Public Hearing Notice – January 2, 2007
Special Meeting Notice– January 2, 2007

Item 1Business District
Item 2Commercial Resort District
Item 3Rename CZO
Item 4Define Setback
Item 5Recreational Open Space District
Item 9Commercial to Business District

2/21/2005 Zoning Ordinance Version 4.0

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Related Documents

Pub Hearing Notice for publishing
Special Meeting Notice

Updates from Version 3.8:

12-6-04 Map Changes: Residential V to I & II
1-3-05 Section 10 Governmental District
Section Reference Change Log

11/15/2005 Last Approved Zoning Ordinance Version 3.8

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Updates from Version 3.7:

Keyhole and related amendments

01/03/2005 Zoning Ordinance Version 3.7