Special Events

With the increased exposure of Glen Arbor Township and Leelanau Peninsula, numerous organizations have developed interest in sponsoring Special Events within the area. The events which are well received by members of the targeted event audience have the potential of conflicting with routine activities normally occurring during the tourist season in the Glen Arbor area. The Township Board has elected to develop a means of reviewing / screening all such events for the purpose of maintaining balance between commercial interests with those of property owners within the area. Accordingly, the following protocol will be used to define the Township’s approval process for such events. Failure to receive approval will result in the pursuit of a restraining order on behalf of the Township in order to protect the interests of its citizenry.

Special Event Protocol

A special event shall be defined as any event that involves closure, crossing or use of any public highway within the Township as part of the event. Not included, are commercial activities such as Sidewalk sales coordinated within the community by the Chamber of Commerce. Please use the following form to submit an application for your next special event to be held in Glen Arbor!

Special Event Application

Fill out and submit the application  to: [email protected] or fax to 231-334-6370. Mailing address: P.O. Box 276 Glen Arbor, MI 40636.