Status of Township Communications




For several years there has been a dialog within the Township about how to best communicate information to the members of the Township relative to events and activities occurring in the

1. In response to community requests the Board acquired and installed in July 2018 an electronic sign in front of the Town Hall.
2. In response to concerns about the new sign from members of the community, in the fall of 2018 a Communications Committee of nine members was formed to address communications issues
in the Township
3. The Committee met several times with the primary focus on improving communications within the Township and a secondary focus of how the electronic sign fits in the communications
approach of the Township.
4. On 3/26/2019 the Committee submitted its recommendations to the Township Board.
5. The Township Board discussed the Committee’s recommendations at its April 30 Board meeting.
6. On May 8 the Township Board and the Communications Committee met in a working session to gain a better/clearer understanding of the Committee’ recommendations and the logic behind
7. At a special meeting on May 14, the Township Board addressed the Committee’s recommendations with eight specific actions to move the communications issue forward to an early conclusion. The eight items are detailed in the Special Board Meeting Minutes of 5/14/19 which are posted here.

~ Peter Van Nort, Township Supervisor